XVII. ECSBS (Piano Conference): Conference Themes and Topics

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(1) Oral or Virtual Presentation: Conference theme and topics: Piano Education, Piano Literature, Piano Industry, Piano Maintenance and Repair, Piano Playing Techniques, Piano and Physiology, and other issues.

(2) Composition Performance: The compositions accepted by the selection committee will be published and performed at the concerts during the conference. Compositions must be composed for the piano. Compositions that do not seem possible to be performed technically will not be printed and will not be included in the concert programs. Beginner level compositions will not be accepted. Compositions must not exceed 10 minutes playing time. Terms of Participation: The compositions, which are going to be included in the conference, must be written via a music writing software and sent as a “PDF” file. The preliminary evaluation board will examine whether the notations of the works are suitable for printing. In addition to the PDF notes, a clear recording of the composition is required for the application. A description text that does not exceed one hundred words about the composition must be added. Composition’s recording and notes should not be published before. The compositions that will be published in the conference book must be an original work of the participant. According to the law of copyright protection, legal responsibility belongs to the composer.  Organizing Committee must not be held responsible for any dispute arising out of copyright. Publications and Performance of the Compositions: Moral responsibility for participating with an original composition belongs to the composer. If a work cannot be performed by its composer, the composer may designate a pianist to perform the piece. In this case, the participation document will be given only to the composer not to the performer. Composition does not have to be performed in the concerts in the conference program. However, it will be included in the conference book even if it is not performed in the concerts.

(3) Seminar/Workshop/Masterclass: It includes practical and/or narrative (verbal) studies by experienced instructors on piano playing and teaching techniques in the field. In this direction, both workshop, master classes and seminar classes will be done.