XVII. ECSBS (Piano Conference): Submission and Registration

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Please select one of the options below:

(1) Oral or Virtual Presentation: Oral presentations at Piano Conference are for sharing your research work with other scholars and artists. All presentations must be prepared in English, Turkish or Ukrainian. Each presentation is required to last for 10-15 minutes with 3-5 minutes for questions and answers. You must present your work in the conference for oral presentation. For virtual presentation, you can present your work using Skype. Conference participation fee for oral presentation is 250 Euro, for virtual presentation 200 Euro.

(2) Composition Performance: You will perform your piano composition during the conference. Each performance is supposed to last 10 minutes at most. If you would like to get your composition to be published in our composition book, you should send your composition to pianoconferenceodessa@gmail.com as a pdf file (at most 8 pages). Conference participation fee for composition performance and publication is 250 Euro, for composition publication only 150 Euro.

(3) Seminar/Workshop/Masterclass: There will be three seminars during the conference. If you would like to take part in one of these seminars and receive a certificate, please pick this option. The seminars will last for 90 minutes. Conference participation fee for each seminar is 100 Euro.

(4) Listener: You will attend Piano Conference as a listener. Conference participation fee as a listener is 100 Euro.

Please read the following items carefully. By paying the conference registration fee, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions stated on this page only.

+ General terms and conditions for registration

These General Terms and Conditions are valid for each attendee registered for International Conference on Piano Teaching, Learning, Playing and Composing (XVII. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences) to be held in Odessa, Ukraine on June 28-30, 2018 (hereafter referred to as the ”conference”). Any person, delegate, accompanying person, student, media representative, speaker, or exhibitor is considered an attendee. Only fully completed registrations will be accepted. The registration fee is based on the date of the receipt of the registration and the payment in full in accordance with the deadlines mentioned below. If the early registration deadline is missed, the late registration fee will be charged automatically. The registration will only be confirmed upon the receipt of payment in full. Each participant will receive electronic confirmation of their registration. If the maximum attendee capacity is reached, the conference organization reserves the right to refuse any registration. To be eligible to register for the conference, attendees must be at least 18 years old. Attendees may be asked to present an official identity card stating their age.

+Conference participation fee

Early Payment Deadline:
April 16, 2018
Late Payment Deadline:
April 30, 2018
Oral Presentation Fee 250 Euro 300 Euro
Virtual Presentation Fee 200 Euro 250 Euro
Listener Fee 100 Euro 150 Euro
Family/Friend Participation Fee 100 Euro 150 Euro
Composition Performance Fee 250 Euro 300 Euro
Composition Publication Fee 150 Euro 200 Euro
Seminar Fee 100 Euro 150 Euro

+ Accepted methods of payment

(1) Western Union. Please send the conference participation fee to Hasan Arslan (Turkey). Email the Western Union confirmation number and your name/surname to (conference@iassr.org).

(2) You can pay the conference fee through bank transfer (EFT and SWIFT). Will be updated soon.

(3) For those delegates who have restrictions by their country on the transfer of funds to another country (either by bank or credit card), you are welcomed to contact the conference organization team at conference@iassr.org to register and discuss the possibility of on-site payment.

+ Cancellation Policy: Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and sent to the conference organization by email at conference@iassr.org. If the written notification of cancellation is received before April 16, 2018, the paid registration fee less %25 administration fee will be refunded. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after this date. Credit will not be given for unattended events or early termination of attendance. In the event that the conference cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the conference organization (Force Majeure) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence of the conference organizers, the conference organizers cannot be held liable by attendees for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, financial losses, etc. Under these circumstances, the conference organization reserves the right to either retain the entire registration fee and to use it for a future conference, or to reimburse the attendee after deducting costs already incurred for the organisation of the conference and which could not be recovered from third parties.

+ Please also note that: (1) At least an author for a presentation must register and must pay the registration fee. (2) An author can submit and present two papers for the conference. (3) Registration fee is only for one participant. The conference certificate will be prepared and printed only for the person who pays the conference fee. (4) If two (or more) authors submit only one paper to present in the conference together, a fee for each participant must be paid. (5) If two papers by the same author(s) are accepted for presentation but only one of the authors will present these papers, a fee for all the papers must be paid. (6) If co-authors submit only one paper and only one of these authors participate, only a fee for one participant must be paid.