International Association of Social Science Research (IASSR) is an international, non-governmental, and non-profit research association. It carries out scientific activities in the social research. It also aims to help researchers in their projects and other scholarly activities. So far, IASSR has held international conferences: in Çanakkale in 2010, Istanbul in June 2013, Rome in February 2014, Bucharest in May 2014, St Petersburg in September 2014, Selçuk in February 2015, Bucharest in June 2015, Belgrade in September 2015, Paris in February 2016, Sarajevo in May 2016, Rome in September 2016, Catania, Sicily in February 2017, Sofia in May 2017, Odessa in August 2017, Kusadası in February 2018, Prizren in May 2018 and Odessa in June 2018.

Administrative Person at IASSR: Luan Vardar

Address: Kamber Brruti No 40 Prizren Kosovo

Email Addresses:
iassr@iassr.org (for general inquiries)
conference@iassr.org (for conference)